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Vehicle Adaptations
     Available at Better Life Home Medical

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Hand Controls

1. Push / Rock
The Original Sure Grip hand control. Keeps both hands on the wheel and is the lowest fatiguing control available.

2. Push / Right-Angle
The Sure Grip Push/Right-Angle hand control stays out of your lap and has a shorter stroke to make acceleration easier.

3. Push / Pull
The Sure Grip Push/Pull is more comfortable to use than other Push/Pull controls and has plenty of leg room.

4. Push / Twist
The Sure Grip Push/Twist hand control has great pedal feel  and an adjustable handle to allow for maximum comfort.

5. Knobs and Accessories
With Spin Master’s innovative, clam shell design; one size fits all steering wheels. Unlike other spinner knobs on the market, the patented design will leave no permanent damage to your steering wheel. Spin Master adds a quick-release function-remove and refit at the touch of a button! The only spinner knob to feature two free running balls racers, guaranteeing easy operation.

Orthotic Accessories

SURE GRIP’s new line of Orthotics are light, durable and comfortable to use. Also compatible with Sure Grip's unique clam shell base, they are available with or without base.

Amputee Ring                              Single Pin                                   Spinner Knob

V-Grip                                           Tri-Pin                                         Palm Grip

Sure Foot

Quick Release

Sure Foot (Removable) Left Foot Gas Pedal

Sure Foot was designed to offer you a left foot gas pedal which acts exactly like your vehicle’s existing gas pedal. Sure Foot Removable features a quick release base so the entire assembly can be removed and re-installed quickly and easily. Attached to the aluminum base, Sure Foot removable comes equipped with an adjustable pedal guard. Fits virtually any vehicle and can be installed easily into your vehicle.

Hand Controls

901 Automotive Hand Control System

This is the evolution of the 901 System. Extensive product development is the result of years of relentless scrutiny by the nation's leading car rental agencies and the most active of disabled travelers.

The 901 System combines aeronautical engineering with true Automobility. The 901's interchangeable components provide a wide range of vehicle choices to its owners while maintaining quality and safety to the highest of standards. With no vehicle modification technology, the 901 System sets the standards for push-pull quick attach hand controls worldwide.


Hand Controls

1. Right Angle Hand Control
The Monarch Mark IA hand driving control incorporates the most popular method of operation, and undoubtedly the least fatiguing available. Through mechanical linkage, the brakes are applied by the forward motion away from the driver toward the brake pedal or dashboard. Again with mechanical linkage, the gas or accelerator is applied by a downward movement toward the driver’s lap and at a right angle to the brake.

2. Push/Rock Hand Control
The MPS Push/Rock Hand Control is the newest addition to our line up of quality driving aids. This control enables the driver to apply the accelerator and brakes by hand. When the upright handle is pushed forward toward the brake pedal the brakes are applied. When the upright handle is rocked rearward toward the user the accelerator is applied.

3. Push Pull Hand Control
The MPS Push/Pull Hand Control operates by Pushing down toward the floor for brake and pull back for acceleration available with upright handle or our standard handles to custom fit you and your driving style.

4. Brake Only Hand Control

Left Foot Gas Pedal
The MPS Quick Release Left Foot Gas Pedal with Pedal Guard allows the driver to accelerate with the left foot. This pedal is installed on the left side and is mechanically linked to the original manufacturers pedal. The Pedal Guard shields the original pedal thereby making it inoperable. This quality crafted pedal is fully adjustable. The lightweight design of the pedal along with it’s quick release feature make it quick and simple to remove.

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Right Turn Levers

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Valet Signature Seating

This revolutionary system for higher vehicles provides easy access to an automotive seat. The seat rotates, comes out of the vehicle, and lowers toward the ground, eliminating the climbing and twisting normally required to enter a higher vehicle.

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Van Solutions:

Shown in this setup:

-  Valet Seating
-  Joey Scooter/Powerchair Lift



PUL 1100 Pickup Truck lift

The Out-Rider quickly lifts your manual wheelchair or travel scooter (HD version available for your heavier powerchair or scooter) from the front door of your pickup truck and stores it in the bed for transport, all with the touch of a button.

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The Curb-Sider lifts and stows your scooter or powerchair inside your vehicle with the touch of a button.

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The innovative Stow-Away power transfer seat was designed specifically for pickup trucks and higher SUVs.

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Superarm in Action!Superarm in Action!

One of the biggest problems with van lifts is that they are always in the way, blocking the windows and other people from getting in and out. With the Superarm Lift 2000, no doorways are blocked, no platform, no hydraulics, it is all electric. Designed by the disabled, quick, simple, safe, reliable, and dependable in all types of weather. It is compact in size. Less parking space is needed because you don't require space to first fold out a platform and then have room to wheel off the end. It sets you down right beside the van. The Superarm Lift is also the quietest lift made. The installation of this lift is easy and fast, a qualified installer can install it in approximately three to four hours. The lift is powered by the van's electrical system so no extra battery is needed. It has a low amp ½ hp motor that drives the gear, which operates the arm. Each lift comes with 1-inch wide mountain climber type webbing straps. The straps are inconspicuous and comfortable. This webbing material has been tested at over 1000 lbs. The webbing will allow your chair to tip slightly back, giving head clearance as you pass through the door. You are fully secured while loading and unloading. (Lift capacity 600 lbs.) There are switches on the arm that travel with the person so that they can easily load and unload themselves, or can be operated by an attendant. There is an additional option of a hand/lap held switch available. With the Superarm lift users can modify their vehicle to their needs rather than the requirements of their mobility equipment. Many users feel that the Superarm lift has completely revolutionized the way they approach mobility and their vehicle.

Features Benefits
· Compact lift body 6” wide Arm 3 ½ “ wide · Doesn’t block windows or doorway
· No Platform · Leaves doorway open
· Minimal modification to vehicle · Protect resale value of your vehicle
· Runs off vehicle battery · No extra battery needed
· Lift is rated at 600 lbs · Will lift most chairs, electrics & scooters
· Exceeds V.A. Standards · Financial aid available through some organizations.
· All Electric-Low Amperage · Less drain on your electrical system
· Requires loading space the size of the wheelchair · Less parking space needed
· Convert vehicle to fit your needs, not the lift's · Less money for purchase
· Designed - by the disabled · Safe, Simple, & Reliable
· No hydraulics · Dependable in all weather No leaks or freeze ups
· 3 year warranty (5 year limited) · 40+ years of service & standing behind our products
· Manual crank down on the motor · Back up feature
· Models available for vans-Motorhomes- Bus style basement model motorhomes. (9½ “ body+3½ “arm) · Fits all year makes and models of standard size vans, and some minivans and motorhomes.

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Your RV or Motorhome is designed for your safety, relaxation and enjoyment. Your mobility equipment should be designed with the same thing in mind. The last thing you want is high costs and spending your time fighting your equipment. The #124 Motorhome lift is the safest (per NHTSA studies) and most unobtrusive lift you can own. It is designed for recreational vehicles or mobile homes with a ground to floor height that is less than 34 inches, and a door opening of at least 3” wider than the wheelchair. Only 6 inches of mounting space is required on the wall inside the door for the body of the lift.


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Your Coach or Motorhome is designed for your safety, relaxation and enjoyment. Your mobility equipment should be designed with the same principle in mind. The last things you want are high cost and spending your time fighting your equipment. The #129 Basement Motorhome lift is the safest (per NHTSA studies) and most unobtrusive lift you can own. It is designed for Motor Coaches or mobile homes with a ground to floor height greater than 34 inches, and a door opening of at least 3" wider than the wheelchair. Only 9 inches of mounting space is required on the inside wall by the door for the body of the lift.

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Glide N' Go

The Glide ‘n Go will lift you from wheelchair or sitting height up to seat level so you can make an easy transfer onto your truck seat.

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The Easy-Reach power lift seat provides a safe, short, comfortable ride into your vehicle.

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Multi-Lift Personal Transfer Lift

Using the portable Multi-Lift and a mounting bracket in your truck or SUV/4x4, you can get in and out of your vehicle simply and easily.

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Mini-Touch Vehicle Control Pad

The Mini-Touch is a compact, steering wheel mounted control pad that allows easy access to 6 or 12 vehicle controls such as wipers, turn signals, horn and high/low beams.

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